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Never chase an invoice again.

Send Autopaid™ Invoices and get paid the same day.

When it comes to getting paid, don't you just hate...

  • The late payments

  • The weeks of waiting

  • The chasing

  • The wasted time

  • The awkward phone calls

  • The not knowing ‘when’ or even ‘if’

  • The sleepless nights as payroll day looms

  • The ‘Directors aren’t in to sign’ conversations

  • The ‘cheque’s in the post’ conversations

  • The answerphone messages and holding music

  • The emergency overdrafts with costs and hassle

  • The not being able to plan and grow

We did too. So we created the Autopaid™ Invoice.

Say Hello to the Autopaid™ Invoice

The invoice, but reinvented.


By using an Autopaid™ Invoice, your business is guaranteed to be paid within 24 hours. All costs are shown upfront and your money is protected even if your customer fails to pay.


Once the paperless on-line set-up is complete, just invoice as normal in your accounting package. We automatically convert it to an Autopaid™ Invoice, pay it and take care of collection.


Autopaid™ Invoices give you back time, money and energy. Creating new space in your week for you and your team to get on with your business.

Autopaid™ Invoices are the better way to get paid.

You don't need to change a thing

Autopaid™ seamlessly connects to your existing accounting software. There’s nothing to change in how you create invoices or do your accounting.

You’re in complete control

Once connected to your accounting package, Autopaid™ lets you check how much you can automatically get paid against your invoices, which is generally between 95-97% of the total invoice value, customer-by-customer.

Even invoices that have already been sent can be converted to Autopaid™ Invoices.

How the Autopaid™ Invoice looks

To create the Autopaid™ Invoice, we simply take your standard invoice layout and add some information around the edges and send on to your customer.

Gets paid straight away

Once created, Autopaid™ Invoices are paid within 24 hours into your bank account. And we notify you of progress via SMS messaging direct to your mobile.

That's it.

We do the rest so you can focus all your attention on your business, safe in the knowledge your money is in the bank.

Want to find out more?

We are inviting a number of small businesses to help us to develop Autopaid™. To get involved, fill in the boxes and together we will create better businesses and better lives.